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Planning For Things To Turn Toward Chaos

Asset protection is its own form of legal planning-one that incorporates the other types of legal planning, as well as fields such as risk management. Business owners engage in asset protection planning to have a viable defense against litigants and creditors. 

In science we refer to the rule of entropy, roughly: things tend toward chaos. It turns out that the same principal holds true for businesses. Chaos in business is litigation. If you are a small business owner, then you simply cannot have your greatest p

Nearly half a million elderly Americans likely died from Alzheimer's disease in 2010, a figure almost six times higher than previous estimates of annual deaths, according to a new study released on Wednesday. 

No Inheritance Or Compensation For Services? Lesson Learned

The Massachusetts Appeals Court has ruled that rendering services to someone in the hope or expectation that it will result in payment from an estate is not sufficient to entitle an individual to a portion of the estate. Cheney v. Flood (84 Mass. App. Ct. 1134, Feb. 7, 2014) 

Planning for Late-In-Life Care

When your parent needs help with the basic activities of daily living, it may be time to look into an assisted living facility for him or her. Choosing whether assisted living would be the right option can be a complex decision requiring a dispassionate evaluation of the situation and careful consideration. 

Frozen Assets Leave Taxes In The Cold

The phrase "frozen assets" is one that strikes fear into the heart of many a wealthy citizen... Yet, for investors interested in protecting and passing on their wealth, there is a way to re-appropriate the concept of "frozen assets" in a beneficial and advantageous way. 

Do You Know The True Value Of Your Business?

About two-thirds of nearly 1,000 business owners surveyed recently by Pepperdine University's Private Capital Markets Project expect to transfer their ownership in the next 10 years. But will those owners be able to sell the fruits of their years of labor for an acceptable amount? Maybe, maybe not. 

Heirs vs. Wills: Avoid Conflict With A No-Contest Clause

If you are worried that disappointed heirs could contest your will or trust after you die, one option is to include a "no-contest clause" in your estate planning documents. A no-contest clause provides that if an heir challenges the will or trust and loses, then he or she will get nothing. 

Obama's Budget Proposes Reduction In Estate Tax Exemption

If Pres. Obama has his way, we haven't seen the end of estate tax reform. The President's proposed budget for 2015, issued today, would restore the estate tax rates to those that were in effect in 2009 and severely curtail some popular high-end tools for shifting assets to future generations. 

Gifting During Life

As a result [of today's more favorable estate tax laws], it's usually more tax efficient for people to hold onto their assets until death than to gift them earlier in life. Some states, however, still impose a state estate tax at much lower levels, making gifting during life still a potentially viable tax efficient strategy. While every situation should be evaluated on its own merits, here are a few points to consider when evaluating if a gifting-during-life strategy is right for you and your family. 

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