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FOR GWINNETT AND JOHNS CREEK READERS: Grandparents Paying for College

College is extremely expensive for most families. When tuition, room, board, books and other miscellaneous expenses are all added in the total cost of a college degree is often in the six figures. Not wanting to saddle their younger family members with student loan debt, many families are struggling to find affordable ways to meets these expenses themselves. 


After someone passes away different types of debts are handled differently. As Americans continue to accumulate credit card debt, it is important to know how it will be handled by your estate. 

FOR GWINNETT COUNTY AND JOHNS CREEK READERS: When Comedians Tackle Estate Planning Issues

Income inequality and the estate tax continue to be hot button issues in American politics and culture. Americans have a wide array of opinions about these two linked topics. Comedian John Oliver recently gave his humorous thoughts on them. 

What College Did Not Teach You: Grads Need Estate Plans

Young people also should plan how their assets will be distributed in case something were to happen to them. Estate planning is more than just deciding how your assets will be distributed. That is a large part of it, but there are other documents every good estate plan should include. Regardless of your age, you might not think you have very much - but you probably have enough to want to have a say in who gets what. 

Deathbed Wills: Are They Any Good?

There is an interesting case being heard in Sacramento probate courts. A man named Joseph Herb O'Brien was dying in a hospital room. For a long time he had an estate plan that left his entire estate in a trust, the sole beneficiary of which was his stepson. The stepson had a long history of legal problems. Shortly before O'Brien passed away, he dictated a new will to two friends. This new will left the vast majority of the estate to one of those friends instead of the stepson. 

Why Do We Know So Much About Lou Reed's Estate?

When most people die there is not much interest in the details of their estates. However, when a celebrity passes away, reporters are keen to find out how much money the celebrity had and how it will be distributed. Recently, the New York Posthas had story after story about the specific details of Lou Reed's estate plan. We know how much he had when he passed away. We know how much money his intellectual property interests have earned for his estate since he passed away. We also know how much money each of Reed's heirs will receive. The New York Postis not getting this information because their reporters are doing investigative journalism and figuring it out. 

Family Limited Partnerships: Are They as Good as They Seem?

A Family Limited Partnership creates a separate entity in which you can place an almost unlimited amount of assets. This may help protect the assets from personal creditors and allow you to maintain control of the assets during your life. You can then give your family members limited partnership interests in the entity. 

Gaining Access to Digital Assets: Could Your Heirs Be Committing a Crime?

It can be very difficult for your family members to gain access to your email accounts and social media accounts after you pass away. It can be even more difficult for them to gain access to your online financial accounts. For this reason, attorneys always stress that you should plan ahead and make sure you have come up with a good way for someone you trust to access any accounts you have. 

For Gwinnett County and Johns Creek Readers: Interest Rates Have Your Trust Down?

Many trusts are set up in a way that creates two different groups of beneficiaries. The first group are income beneficiaries. They have a right to the current income the trust property generates. Another group are remainder beneficiaries who get what is left in the trust when the trust ends. Income beneficiaries naturally want the income maximized and remainder beneficiaries want the principal maximized.

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