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Johnny Football Doesn't Look To Be An All-Pro Planner ... Yet

Jonathan Paul Manziel got paid. The most talked-about quarterback in college football since Tim Tebow recently signed a four-year contract with the Cleveland Browns. According to an official press release by the National Football Association, insiders believe that the rookie from Texas A&M will earn $8.3 on his first NFL contract. Just a few weeks before becoming a millionaire, however, Manziel was named as a defendant in a bizarre federal lawsuit that could have been avoided with the right planning. 

Am I Too Young To Plan My Estate?

Take a look at these two fundamental estate planning documents - the durable power of attorney and the health care proxy. Even though they are usually thought of as only for older adults and seniors, younger people need them just as much. If a young adult does not have these, typically parents will not have the authority to make health care decisions or manage money for their kids after they are 18. It does not matter if they pay their college tuition, include them on their health insurance, and claim them as dependents on their taxes. In fact, without these fundamental documents, parents might need to seek court approval to act on behalf of their young adult children in the event the children are in an accident and become disabled.

Am I Too Young To Plan My Estate?

After what sometimes seems like endless years spent raising a child, their adulthood-and all the rights that go with it-may creep up suddenly. And much as you hope you've prepared them to take care of themselves, you may still be their fallback for emergencies. Getting the necessary authority to play that role can be a rite of passage and a learning experience for both parent and child. 

Save Your Results ... Now!

In life as in computing, a little planning now prevents a lot of pain down the road. Goodbyes are never easy, particularly if the relationship was a cherished one. Such was the case for me and my beloved hard drive. Its capacity for capturing great conversations, thoughts, and images felt irreplaceable. My heart sank as the computer technician conducted its last rites. But thanks to technological advances, a mirror image of my hard drive's legacy resided only a download away. The online backup reduced my anxiety and helped me resume my daily activities. Preparing for the inevitable allowed me and my hard drive to appreciate our time together and live life with no residual regrets. 

Gwinnett and Johns Creek Readers: Talking To Your Senior Parents About Finances

In addition to the strain imposed on millions of Americans related to managing their finances, many are also facing the task of stepping in to help their parents as they age and encounter health related obstacles. While you may consider it an unpleasant topic to approach with your parents, becoming informed and organized will help you more efficiently assist them as well as yourself. 

For Gwinnett County and Johns Creek Readers: Famous Actor's Estate: Learn From Oscar Winner What Not To Do!

Phillip Seymour Hoffman, an accomplished actor, died suddenly in February at age 46 of a suspected drug overdose. Seymour had a long-term companion, Marianne O'Donnell, with whom he had three young children. Under the terms of his Will, a significant chunk of his $35 million-plus estate was left to O'Donnell. The media and estate planners have examined the Will, which has led to several estate planning issues garnering public attention. 

For Gwinnett and Johns Creek Readers: The Basics: Identifying Your Assets Is The Start Of a Good Estate Plan

Few people relish estate planning. After all, deciding how you want your assets distributed after you die can serve as an unnerving reminder of your mortality. But there are plenty of reasons to tackle the task with some enthusiasm. 

For Gwinnett County and Johns Creek Readers: Second Marriages Can Cause Estate Planning Issues If Not Handled Properly

Estate planning with one family is hard enough. For families with a mix of biological children and stepchildren, first spouses and second spouses, making out an equitable will can seem impossible. No one wants to leave their heirs with a mess to sort out or fight over. Here's a look at the top six things to remember when you're estate planning for a blended family. 

Any Guess What The Top Mistake Is In Estate Planning?

You may have made a giant estate planning mistake without even knowing it - forgetting to update the names of your beneficiaries for your employer-sponsored retirement plans, IRAs, life insurance policies, mutual funds, bank accounts, brokerage accounts, annuities and 529 college savings plans. 

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