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Why people need to have a will

It is true that people are living longer today, but many Georgia residents still die unexpectedly at a relatively young age. In spite of this, a poll conducted in 2011 found that 60 percent of the respondents did not have wills.

Business owners and estate planning

Georgia entrepreneurs might want to consider creating an estate plan because if something unexpected happens to them, it could leave their business and colleagues in jeopardy. A will can cover both business and personal affairs and can appoint an executor to distribute business assets. A business owner might also want to consider using a revocable living trust for privacy reasons instead of or in addition to a will.

The duties of an executor

Georgia residents will likely know that selecting a responsible and trusted executor is an important part of drafting a last will and testament, but they may not be clear about the responsibilities that this individual will be burdened with. The overriding duty of an executor is to ensure that the wishes of the testator are followed, and that generally involves settling the estates outstanding debts and distributing any remaining assets to the heirs specified in the will.

4 things everyone should have in their will

It's tough for most people to face the fact that one day they will die, but it's a reality that every individual must deal with. Because your time may come faster than you expect if tragedy strikes or an accident happens, it's important that your family is protected and your assets are distributed properly before you die. One way to ensure that your possessions go where you want them to go is to set up an estate plan or will with an attorney. No will is complete without the following four things.

October 31, 2016 - James M. Miskell participated in an NBI Continuing Education Course.

James Miskell was a key speaker in an audio webinar for attorneys titled "Estate Planning: Unique Tips for Unmarried Couples". Some of the topics he discussed included; Beneficiary Designations, Making up for Rights of Spousal Elections, Health Care Decisions and Powers of Attorney. If any of these areas interest you, please and sign up for one of our free educational seminars.

Coordinating beneficiary designations in estate planning

Georgia residents who are preparing their estate plans should keep in mind that any beneficiary designations they have made will override contrary bequests in a will. Assets from bank accounts, life insurance policy proceeds and retirement accounts may be passed on by beneficiary designation. Therefore, it is important to coordinate beneficiary designations and other aspects of estate planning.

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