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What to know about decanting

In the past, Georgia grantors had little recourse if they wanted to change or put an end to an irrevocable trust. To do so, it generally cost a lot of money plus the consent of every beneficiary. However, decanting statutes may make it easier to make changes or cancel an irrevocable trust. The decanting process involves moving assets from the original trust to a second one with modified terms.

Estate planning and divorce

Estate plans are useful in protecting assets for intended beneficiaries. Not having a well-planned estate plan in place when one gets a divorce can result in unfortunate consequences for Georgia residents who have specific ideas about what should happen to their assets.

Estate planning for couples without children

Georgia couples who do not have children might think they do not need an estate plan. However, an estate plan is just as important for them. While preserving wealth for their descendants might not be a concern, they may still have assets they want to leave for loved ones, a charity or even for a pet. Furthermore, an estate plan can be important for ensuring that a person is protected in case of becoming incapacitated.

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