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3 parts of an estate plan to review if you are getting remarried

Adding to your family through marriage can be a joyful, exciting time. It can also be a stressful time, however, because there is a lot you need to think about and adjust to in order to make as smooth of a transition as possible.

Estate planning: the importance of talking to your aging parents

Estate planning is very important in order to make sure a person's wishes are carried out when they pass away. While it may seem uncomfortable, talking to your aging parents about their estate planning is also very important. There are benefits to planning together, and to making sure your parents' estate is handled the way they would want it to be after they are gone. Many estates have fully or partially gone to people they were not intended to belong to, simply because of a lack of planning. You can avoid that by working with your aging parents to help them with their estate planning needs.

Think you're too young for an estate plan? Think again

It has been said no parent should outlive his or her children. Sadly, however, there are many who do when their children pass away. While this can be devastating no matter how old a child is, it can present a number of legal complications when a child is a young adult with assets and property that parents, generally, will need to deal with.

Study reveals troubling rates of financial literacy in the US

Information is literally at our fingertips these days. If we don't know who won the World Series in 1995 (hint: Atlanta Braves), how to make lasagna or what type of medical condition we might have, we just do a quick internet search on our computers, tablets or phones. However, there are plenty of subjects that cannot be understood with a quick Google search.

Estate planning should include a plan for incapacity

Wills and trusts are some of the most common estate planning documents. Equally critical, though sometimes less talked about, is the importance of addressing incapacity in your estate plan. If you suffer an illness, injury or disability that renders you unable to make decisions as you were once able to, most people still want to have a say over such critical areas as their health and finances. By having an advance directive and durable powers of attorney in place, you can protect your best interests and plan for these contingencies.

Can I put conditions in place when leaving an inheritance?

Leaving money, property and other gifts to children is something that parents all across Georgia plan to do when they pass away. Many often spend several years saving and setting aside these assets in the hopes that they will be of great benefit to their kids.

3 major life events that require updating your estate plan

Estate plans should be regularly updated, particularly after major life events. Some of the events that require updating your estate plan include marriage, remarriage, the birth of children and illness or disability.

Even if it seems taxing, creating an estate plan can be critical

Creating a plan for the future -- especially one where you won't be able to speak for yourself -- can be a daunting endeavor. However, this doesn't mean that you should just put it off indefinitely. Unfortunately, this is precisely what many people across Georgia do when it comes to estate planning. They think, "Maybe next year," or, "I have plenty of time to worry about it later."

Fights could be looming over Ali estate

Over the weekend, residents across Georgia were saddened by the death of legendary boxer, activist and philanthropist Muhammad Ali. His life and his passing had an impact on people all across the globe, from sports fans hailing him as "the greatest of all time" to people inspired by his lengthy battle with Parkinson's disease.

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