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3 basic essentials of any estate plan

Regardless of the amount of wealth and assets Georgia residents have, a well-documented estate plan allows them to declare their personal wishes at the end of life or in the event of mental and physical incapacity. Financial advisers and attorneys typically agree that estate plans need a will, a durable power of attorney and an advanced health care directive.

Estate planning to avoid a tenancy in common

People in Georgia who do not have an estate plan might have property that will pass to their beneficiaries after their death. However, problems may arise if beneficiaries have a tenancy in common. Each person who is involved in this tenancy in common has equal rights to the property. This means that they might run into direct conflict regarding their plans for the property. A conflict over a tenancy in common cannot be resolved with a majority agreement.

Considering long-term care in estate planning

Georgia baby boomers are aging and may want to begin thinking about estate planning and long-term care if they have not done so already. Many people do not plan for long-term care, and the danger here is that their children will end up paying the price. This can become expensive. One insurer found that nationwide, the median monthly cost of a nursing home private room is $7,698 and the monthly cost of a home health aid is about $3,861.

Tips for reducing taxes on parents' assets

Georgia residents who may be responsible for managing their parents' assets during their later years and after their death may want to know about the different ways taxes on the assets can be minimized. There are multiple ways to cut tax debts or defer the tax consequences.

Why people need to have a will

It is true that people are living longer today, but many Georgia residents still die unexpectedly at a relatively young age. In spite of this, a poll conducted in 2011 found that 60 percent of the respondents did not have wills.

Business owners and estate planning

Georgia entrepreneurs might want to consider creating an estate plan because if something unexpected happens to them, it could leave their business and colleagues in jeopardy. A will can cover both business and personal affairs and can appoint an executor to distribute business assets. A business owner might also want to consider using a revocable living trust for privacy reasons instead of or in addition to a will.

4 things everyone should have in their will

It's tough for most people to face the fact that one day they will die, but it's a reality that every individual must deal with. Because your time may come faster than you expect if tragedy strikes or an accident happens, it's important that your family is protected and your assets are distributed properly before you die. One way to ensure that your possessions go where you want them to go is to set up an estate plan or will with an attorney. No will is complete without the following four things.

Coordinating beneficiary designations in estate planning

Georgia residents who are preparing their estate plans should keep in mind that any beneficiary designations they have made will override contrary bequests in a will. Assets from bank accounts, life insurance policy proceeds and retirement accounts may be passed on by beneficiary designation. Therefore, it is important to coordinate beneficiary designations and other aspects of estate planning.

Yes, you can treat children differently in your estate plan

You love your children. You probably love them each in their own way, because they are unique. Maybe you have a son who is outgoing, whose laughter is contagious. Maybe you are in awe of a daughter who has the most generous heart.

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