Helping You Qualify For Medicaid


Long-term care is extremely expensive today, and the cost will only increase over time. Many people who need the assistance of a nursing home or other type of long-term assistance simply cannot afford to pay for it out of their own pockets. If you or a loved one is in need of long-term care, working with an experienced Medicaid planning attorney is very important.

The professionals of the ESTATE PLANNING LAW GROUP OF GEORGIA, James M. Miskell P.C., understand the complicated and confusing process of qualifying for Medicaid. From our offices in Johns Creek and Lawrenceville, we can discuss strategies for decreasing your assets to ensure you or your loved one receives the care you need.

Guiding You Through The Application Process

Medicaid plays an important role in providing financial assistance to those who need it most. However, the limits the program places on your income and value of assets is extremely low. Most people cannot have more than $2,000 in assets. Even though certain items, like your home, are excluded, this threshold is still very difficult for many people to meet.

If your need for Medicaid is not urgent, it may be possible to gift some of your assets to relatives or other people you trust in order to meet Medicaid’s asset limits in the future. However, the government can penalize you for spending down assets within five years of seeking Medicaid benefits. If you need Medicaid benefits immediately, we can help you consider other options.

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