Protecting Your Assets With Trusts


Trusts are common estate planning tools that you may have considered or at least heard of. Whether a trust makes sense for you depends on your estate and your goals.

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What Is A Trust?

A trust is a legal entity that protects all or a portion of your estate. It is controlled or managed by a trustee, and one or more individuals are named as beneficiaries. In some circumstances, the trustee and beneficiary are the same person.

What Are The Benefits Of A Trust?

One of the primary benefits of establishing a trust is that trusts usually avoid probate. In many cases, assets held in a trust will pass directly to the beneficiary immediately upon your death. Trusts may also protect your assets from estate taxes and creditors.

Choosing The Right Trust For You

There are several types of trusts to choose from, and each has its own advantages. We have extensive experience guiding individuals and families toward the right option for their circumstances. We can establish any type of trust, including:

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